SUSTech offers unprecedented opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside the faculty to explore and tackle both fundamental and practical problems. 

                    The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

                    The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

                    The main duties of SUSTCEF is to accept the donations from the domestic and foreign associations, enterprises, trading companies and individuals, and establish the funding projects depending on the demands of the university and the wishes of the donors.


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                    As a new university, SUSTech is constantly developing itself and changing rapidly, attracting more and more colleagues and young students to further their careers. The objective of this Education section is to reflect the theory on education management in the development of an increasingly complex system and construct collective cognition in the expanding group. Here we will introduce the instructional decisions and basic structure of management, functions of teaching management services and the policy basis and guide specification of workflow and teaching jobs, to provide tools and resources for the teaching and learning activities of professors and students. We also welcome your comments and feedback, and we will actively reply to you, as we aim to constantly improve our work through communication and try our best to build a simple, humanized and high-output teaching-working environment.

                    The teaching work of SUSTech conforms to the theory on university management of professors governing academic studies and academic autonomy, and explores how to build a personnel training mode of top-notch innovative personnel guaranteed by modern university standards. In order to achieve the concept of higher educational mission and practice in university operations and ensure the quality and efficiency of teaching, SUSTech integrates a decentralized instructional decision-taking mode and collective agreement with the educational management model of overall dispatch and standard management in the initial stage of university affairs, and insists the principle of teaching management serves students and teachers. 



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